Feb 3, 2012

52 Walks–Week 5 Clouds

Ok, clouds should be easy! Well thats what I thought when I saw the theme for week 5. How wrong was I. Yes sure we have lots of clouds here at the moment but there are kind of solid, blanket clouds and there is nothing spectacular about taking a photo of a grey blanket in the sky. Everywhere is dull and bleak and very very cold.

So first off I have to confess that this photo was taken whilst out for a ‘DRIVE’ as opposed to a ‘WALK’ – does that count ? Well, I suppose you could say it was a walk at a stretch as I did walk down to the waters edge from the road  . . . . .lol .


We were driving along the main road heading from Quigleys Point to Muff and I thought this sky was about as interesting as it has got this week so I jumped out and snapped a few photo’s. 

I’ll be glad when the weather warms up so I can get out more because at the minute is a hard task to be bothered to go for a walk.


  1. Thats a beautiful photo Dee. Like me I know you are impatiently waitibg for Spring and Summer

  2. Its another beautiful photo Dee you have captured it perfectly

  3. That is a stunning picture Dee, I will be glad when it warms up a bit too!

  4. great photo! perfect photographer's sky :-) and i'll let you off on the 'drive' not 'walk' this one time!


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