Feb 6, 2012

White Oaks Peace Garden

The weather here has not been the best lets face it, so today while we are having reasonable weather I jumped at the chance to get out and about with my camera. Eugene and I went for a walk around the peace garden at the White Oaks Rehab Centre in Muff. The centre offers counselling and spiritual guidance and has the most beautiful peace garden which is open to the public for a donation, perfect for a stroll on a cold winters day.

This is the stone that greets you as you enter the garden -
Obviously at this time of year there is not too much in the way of greenery and blooms but plenty of last years dead heads. This dead hydrangea head was on a massive plant which will look stunning in full bloom although even in its current state I think it looks fabulous -


This pond had sheets of ice still on it!  Just shows how cold it has been – brrrrrrrr!!


Now this sight warmed my heart – reassurance that Spring is not too far away. (Note : I was laying on the freezing cold damp ground to take this photo – it was worth it though)


All around the garden are small huts of various styles where prayer meetings are held. This stain glass window was an amazing find! I didn’t expect to see something so beautiful in a hut made from hay!  I love how the view from outside fills the background. This photo gave me the chance to practice my newly acquired skill of taking photo’s from inside whilst keeping the outside in focus. I think its a stunning effect -


In the centre of the garden sits this statue of Christ. I hope to get more photo’s of this at a later stage as this one doesn’t really do it justice but it was the best I could get as the rain started to fall.


We will definitely be going back to the peace garden throughout the year as there are so many photo opportunities there – but maybe we will wait for the outside temperatures to rise just a bit more.


  1. What a beautiful peaceful and spiritual place Dee, great photos

  2. Wow that looks so beautiful and a peaceful place to be. The plaque at the entrance is spot on might have to see if i can find something to put in ours. X


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